Shifter Guide (scroll down for general instructions)

So what does Shifter have thats so cool?

- Spawn Favourites, spawn in your selected loadout (usually only while Base Generators are working)
- Weapon options, Pack Options, Projectile Cam (follow your mortars)
- weapons, we got lots of weapons and some of them have alternate firing modes (50 types of weapons)
- new concepts, Gravity gun to push and attract objects or grapple onto flying vehicles for ultra skiing fun, EMP damage drains energy over time, Poison drains health over time, various armors have Touch effects (engineer heals, assassin poisons, Scout disarms etc), armors have their own special limit use Beacons (Chemeleons press Beacon button to turn invisible for 15 seconds)
- more than 1 mine!, EMP mines, Poison mines, Lightning Mines, Laser Mines, Shock Turret mines, etc
- more grenades, and you can load them into a Grenade Launcher for long range uses (firing Repair grenades at team mates over longer distances etc)
- new packs, Telepack teleports you back to your Telepuck, Booster pack to get you across the map FAST, Morph Pack for a portable pair of glider wings that transform into a Gravbike, , Cyclone Missile Pack fires multiple missiles, Environment Pack to protect you from Lava, Lightning, Poison, Electro Magnetic Pulse etc
- Heavy Weapons (carried as Packs by Juggernaughts), Nuke, God Hammer, Plasma Cannon, Devistator Cannon, Laz Cannon, Sludge Cannon (for Bioderms only) and Gib Cannon (for Bioderms only)
- new deployables, Deployable Large Turrets, Laser Turrets, Telepads for setting up a teleport network, Vehicle Telepads for transporting a full vehicle crew to another location, Deployable Airbases and Deployable Emplacements (both destroyable), Deployable Vehicle bay, Deployable walls and platforms, deployables which drain energy, repair objects in a radius, shield things from damage, jump pads, radius cloaking device, sensor jammers to prevent cloaking and more!
- Satellite Strike (usually only 1 per player per mission), call in a Sat Strike on that pesky enemy defence
- 12 new vehicles! the first HERC in T2 (with 1 pilot and 3 gunners) with massive weapons and power, new vehicle shapes like 4 wheeled tank, jeeps, Condor vehicle carrier to drop off a a ground vehicle over rough terrain, medium and heavy grav bikes for all armour classes, Griffon heavy bomber with 3 turrets takes 7 crew.
- Deploy Generators to get more vehicles
- Serverside voice pack filtering, voice pack users can enjoy their voice packs without discomforting those who dont have them
- New player physics for pushing people from force
- New vehicle systems, Flying vehicles take damage from ramming heavy players, vehicle crews can be shot and damaged by non-radius weapons for less damage (snipe those pilots if you can)
- Pilots can use Flares and Packs in vehicles
- Cameras help turrets see visible targets even when they are Jammed
- Shrike and Wraith use Modules so you can pick which weapons you want loaded into them (Missiles, Blasters, Booster, Cloakers, Bombs etc)
- Special Shifter maps with new turrets you wont see in other maps
- Multiplayer Campaign missions, play in linked sequential missions that play out with the results of who wins each map (capture a base and you get to keep it next mission etc)
- Lots of coding to help mappers, they can easily ban items and objects without writing special code
- Lots of server options for Admins to customise their server and change the way various things work (limited Emplacements, Chems using enemy telepads, damaging people in vehicles, disabling Bioderms, disabling vehicles, change the amount of heavy weapon beacons, change the effectiveness of Repair and Shield beacons.. plus much more)
- Deployable Limits, TimeLimit, Shifter Options all reset after each map
- Over 2 years of testing and balancing for the perfect playability without all the "Newb slappin' ultra death insta kills" that you are used to in mods

and much more than listed here...

General Instructions

Hand Invo: Replaces both Mines and Grenade slots, now you can put mines or grenades in your two hand invo slots. Hand Invo slot 1 is thrown with your grenade key and hand invo slot 2 is thrown with your mine key. Hand invo slot 1 is used with the Grenade Launcher as an extended weapon option if appropriate grenades are chosen e.g.. you can shoot your poison grenades from your grenade launcher at longer range

Beacons: Waypoint Beacons are replaced by special abilities for some armour classes, press the beacon key to activate the ability. For Juggernaut the beacon is used to charge some heavy weapons, some heavy weapons use more than 1 beacon. Deployable beacons like the Jammer, Repair beacon, Arbitor etc are not the same as beacon abilities, they have specific functions as normal deployables

Touch: Some armour classes have a special affect when they touch an enemy or object, such as poison touch, energy drain, repair, disarm etc

Poison: This causes constant damage usually for a set period of time, which can be cured by using a repair kit.

EMP: Electro Magnetic Pulse disrupts energy supplies and drains energy for a set period of time, there is noting you can do but wait until it wears off or use a gun which does not have an energy power source. Many heavy weapons require both energy and ammunition to operate, so be careful of those EMP weapons and defences or you may find yourself overloading. Shields do not protect against EMP

Scores: Points are added and subtracted for many things, grabbing and capping the flag, repairing and killing people all gives points. Dying, killing team-mates, destroying your own teams equipment all subtracts points. If your score drops too low you will be kicked from the server automatically - so just repair a few things okay? All the score settings can be changed by editing ShifterConfig.cs in GameData/Shifter/Prefs, there is a No Personal Score option for servers to use which emphasises teamwork

Shifter Client options : Set keys for; [S]Weapon Options (some weapons have alternate fire modes, use this key to toggle them, eg Repair Gun changes to Hack Gun), [S]Pack Options (same as weapon opts but for a Pack), [S]Cyclone Fire (toggle the amount of missiles fired from a Cyclone Missile Pack from 1 to 5 at once), [S]Plastique Timer (toggle the charge time for Plastique explosives from 2, 5, 10, or 20 seconds), [S]Projectile Camera (fire a mortar and press this key to follow your mortar to the target in a cool 'Weapon Cam' kinda way), [S]MDM Key (Manually Detonated Mortar) this is good for EMP and Concussion to detonate early and make sure those speedy light armours cannot escape your blast radius

Using the Vehicle Invo : Use your number pad keys, much easier than clicking - either the Number Pad for the main menu sections and the number keys along the top for the vehicle you want. IE pressing 1 on Key Pad then 1 from top row numbers on Keyboard will get you a Grav Bike (if it is available from that Vehicle Station)

Tips/Bugs: Send em in.
Taking out emplacements, Heatergun full clip with ammo pack and a few particle rounds or Regen Gun for 20 seconds or two Juggers using Heavy weapons pounding away should do the trick. 1 Shot from Satellite Strike will disable an Airbase

Helping a Jugger with a Godhammer Cannon or other energy dependent heavy weapon - grab Engineer armour, pick Repair Gun and use Weapon Options to change it to Regen Mode and then shoot it at the Jugger to provide energy while they fire - this gives them A LOT more ammo and they can destroy lots (teamwork wins)