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Shifter SERVER - for admins only!
Download server files, Shifter.exe :: Self extracting .zip archive
(for latest T2)
or server files file version (extract to c:/Dynamix/Tribes2 folder) (for latest T2)
optional Maps Advanced CTF Bot Maps (extra server side bot missions)
optional Maps 30 small serverside missions (maps with flag distances under 600m apart)
optional T2 patch, version 25034 of Tribes 2, 80 meg patch via FTP (released November 20th, 2002)
optional Shifter Vehicles, this file is needed for the .zip download server version if you want to set $host::serverside="0"; to enable HERCs etc

Just run the Shifter.exe file and it will extract itself(self extracting zip),
then run the server using one of the shortcuts in the Tribes2/GameData folder (they are .bat files)
or make a new shortcut for the mod using "-dedicated -mod Shifter"
- download to your Tribes2/GameData folder
- right-click and select "Extract to Folder "Shifter" ( check that you dont have two shifter folders, it should be only Tribes2/GameData/Shifter and not Tribes2/GameData/Shifter/Shifter/ )
- delete all the folders in Tribes2/GameData/base (you may want to backup your prefs if this is an update)
start server using shortcut -dedicated -mod Shifter
NEED HELP? If you cannot get the server working after you read the instructions then drop by the Shifter Server forums to get expert advice (from the guys who host the servers which are up now)

you must ALWAYS make sure that ALL .dso files are removed from the base folders before you install or run any mod, the previously mentioned batch files will do this for you so be sure to use them!

Root Folder Structure
Base Folder contents

Shifter options are in shifter/prefs/shifterconfig.cs and shifter/prefs/serverprefs.cs, use notepad to edit .cs files and change any settings you wish. eg to make shifter serverside so anyone can join the server edit serverprefs.cs and find $host::serverside="0"; and change the 0 to a 1.

Shifter Server : Players - You do not need this download unless you are going to host a dedicated server.

To run Shifter Server under Linux use the and look at this topic

Shifter Installtion Instructions
How To Install Shifter As A Dedicated Server :


delete the SCRIPTS folder in GameData/Base - do NOT run tribes 2 until you have set up shifter, if you run 'base' you will always need to delete the scripts folder before running Shifter! (if you dont you might have to reinstall shifter)

delete your serverprefs.cs from base/prefs and delete the .dso files in prefs too

  • 1) Double-click the Server file and it will extract to the default Tribes2 folder (C:/Dynamix/Tribes2/)
  • 2) Double-click the Shifter_Dedicated_Server.bat file in Tribes2/GameData (it will delete .dso files in base and run the dedicated server)
  • 3) Load tribes 2 and join your own dedicated server
  • Server Console

If this does not work you can try the sure fire method.

1: Copy the Tribes2 folder from the CD onto your HD anywhere you like (this will be your Server)
Do not run it yet
2: Copy the T2 patches into your new GameData folder and run them all to patch your new T2 up
3: Install the shifter mod, make sure the Shifter folder is in the GameData folder of your new T2 folder
4: Create a shortcut to your new Tribes2.exe and edit its properties (the target box, refer to picture below)
5: Now you can run it, but make sure you start it using a shifter mod shortcut so it does not run base!! (check below)
use -dedicated in the shortcut to make a dedicated server
!!: Do not run base T2 in your new folder - if you do you can fix it before running shifter by deleting all the folders in the GameData/base folder (nothing in them is needed, all the required files are in the .vl2 files in base)

Ispawn.exe keeps your T2 server online all the time and restarts the server after it crashes, run it using a shortcut with a Target that looks like this C:\\Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\ispawn.exe 28000 Tribes2.exe -dedicated -mission Katabatic CTF -mod Shifter

How To Install Shifter As A Stand Alone Game : (for making maps etc)


  • 1) run the Server file and it will extract to the default Tribes2 folder (C:/Dynamix/Tribes2/)
  • 2) Delete the Scripts folder from Tribes2/GameData/Base (to remove the .dso files in base)
  • 3) Make a copy of the Tribes2 short cut that you want to use to start your game.
  • 4) Add the option -mod shifter to the end of the Command in the Short Cut properties.
    Right click on the Tribes2 short cut and click properties.
    Should look like the screen shot.
  • 5) run it


Other Downloads For Shifter

Linux Start Readme Batch file for starting a dedicated Shifter server on Linux/Unix platforms.
T2 Linux ServerT2 Linux Updates
Win32 Shifter Start Bat file Batch file for starting a dedicated Shifter server on Win32 platforms.

- This is not Tribes 1 Shifter! Check out Shifter on the MOD DATABASE.


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Shifter Playability Mod Award

Check out Shifter @ ModDB topmods listing!

Top Mod 2002

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