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Original T2 Skins, but more reflective 5meg
(you can only use one vehicle skin set at a time)
Blue Tinted Shiny Vehicle Skin Pack 2meg
(half resoultion for low graphics settings)

Installation for "Original T2 skins":
Unzip them and put the textures folder in Tribes2/GameData/Base/
Load tribes 2 and make sure you have "Environment Maps" turned on in Settings - Textures
Now join a shifter server!
Note: you will not be able to join any non-Shifter server which has Texture CRC turned on, because your vehicle textures do not match the server textures and you will be kicked from the server after about 2 minutes with no warning. There are not many servers with Texture CRC turned on (only maybe some league servers or paranoid servers)

INSTALLATION for Blue Tinted skin pack (.exe) :
Download and run the file (or unzip it with winzip), it will extract to the default Tribes2 installation location (you may need to point it to your proper Tribes 2 folder if you installed to a non-default location)

Navigate to the Tribes 2/GameData/Shifter folder and double-click the "PLAY SHIFTER" icon to load up with your vehicle skins, you can copy this icon and move it anywhere for convenience

Doing this will let you start T2 in custom skins mode so you can join servers using your customised skins without messing with your original stuff. It just means you have to decide where you are going to play BEFORE you load T2 - if you know you are going to play on a server which does not allow custom skins then you will need to use a normal shortcut.

WHATS INCLUDED : Just the base T2 vehicle skins recoloured with alpha channels edited to show off their shiny reflective properties (assuming you have environment mapping turned on)

NOTE : You cannot join a server which has CRCtextures checking on. This means that some "base mod"servers will not let you on long as they detect you have modified the vehicle skins and think you are cheating! but you know you are not, so play someplace else :)

Visit Shifter Mod Site for T2! Click for Shifter Player File SHIFTER! Click for Vehicle Skins


- This is not Tribes 1 Shifter! Check out Shifter on the MOD DATABASE.


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